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Introducing a Graduate Research Problem to a Junior Level Class:
A Successful Experience

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Author Ghassan Alkadi , Theresa Beaubouef
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 31-35
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 1
Issue Date 15 july 2010
Publishing Date 20 july 2010
Keywords Rough Querying, Research Project, Oral and Communicational Skills


Formulating a research project to be designed and implemented by a junior level class during a short time period is a formidable undertaking. In this paper the authors discuss the problem of rough querying of databases presented to the information systems course and the special issues involved with the design and development of such a system. Of particular note was the greater emphasis in this project on research, and the special challenges involved with exposing undergraduates to graduate-level research concepts and tasks. The students were asked by the instructor to research and learn Database Connectivity, SQL Syntax, Microsoft C# Syntax, Graphical-User Interface Controls, and Database Structure and Design and the .Net framework. The students had to elicit the software requirements from the client at different meetings. Moreover, the students worked on their communicational and oral skills because they had to present their final product to the client and provide ample documentation.


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