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Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 8 No. 3, March 2017

Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences

Vol. 4, No. 4 , April 2013

Table of Contents

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Comparative F0 Algorithms Based on Frequency Analysis Abstract PDF
Segura-Bernal Gabriel, Alvarez-Cedillo J. Antonio, Herrera-Lozada J. Carlos, Hernandez-Bolaños Miguel 353-358
Flashover Prediction of Pin-type Insulator Based on the Characteristics of Leakage Current using ANN Abstract PDF
Bala Kumaran.M, Goutham.S, Raja Sabari.T, Vimalathithan.S, Vijeesh.V 359-366
FPGA Implementation Platform for MIMO-OFDM Based on UART Abstract PDF
Sherif Moussa,, Ahmed M.Abdel Razik, Adel Omar Dahmane, Habib Hamam 367-371
WP – A Tree Based Response Time Algorithm for Event Driven Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract PDF
Itu Snigdh, Saurabh Kumar 372-376
E-Government Based on Cloud Computing Abstract PDF
Kostandina Veljanovska, Violeta Zdravevska 377-381
Robotic Arm Control With Blender Abstract PDF
A. Díaz-Andrade, J. Álvarez-Cedillo, J. Herrera-Lozada, I. Rivera-Zarate 382-386
Automated Fingerprint Identification System Application For System's Equal Error Rate Evaluation Abstract PDF
Marko Kočevar, Zdravko Kačič 387-393
Mobile Number Portability in Ghana: A Paradigm Shift from the Past Abstract PDF
Percy Okae 394-399
Effective Factors in E-Learning Acceptance by English Language Students Abstract PDF
Morteza Ramazani, Mojtaba Aghajani, Fatemeh Alipanahi, Hoda Sobouti 400-408
Comparative Study of Fuzzy System and Artificial Neural Networks in Predicting Solar Radiation in Tehran Province Abstract PDF
Zeynab Ramedani, Mahmoud Omid, Alireza Keyhani 409-416
Numeric Simulation of an Ethanol/Air Spray Flame Based on Parallel Calculation Abstract PDF
Dong-mei Zhao, Tao Liu 417-421
Design and Implementation of Numeric Solver for Simulation of Diffusion of Nuclide in Backfilled Material Abstract PDF
Tao Liu, Ya-dong Wu, Yong-guo Han, Dong- mei Zhao 422-427
Evaluation of Subscriber Attitude to Mobile Number Portability Implementation in Nigeria Abstract PDF
Tiamiyu, Osuolale Abdramon, Mejabi, Omenogo Veronica 428-435
On the Fitness Measure of Genetic Algorithm for Generating Institutional Lecture Timetable Abstract PDF
M. O. Odim, B. O. Oguntunde, O. O. Alli 436-444

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