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Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 8 No. 3, March 2017

Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences

Vol. 5, No. 8 , August 2014

Table of Contents

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Automatic Learning Context Tool for Effective Personal Document Indexing and Retrieval Abstract PDF
Y.D. Jayaweera, Md Gapar Md Johar, S.N. Perera 588-595
Perspective for E-Business in Bosnia and Herzegovina Abstract PDF
Zvezdan Stojanovic 596-602
Review and Analysis of Pothole Detection Methods Abstract PDF
Taehyeong Kim, Seung-Ki Ryu 603-608
A Survey of Security Issues for Data Sharing over Untrusted Cloud Providers Abstract PDF
Ebtesam A. Alomari, Muhammad M. Monowar 609-619
Efficient Intrusion Detection using Weighted K-means Clustering and Naïve Bayes Classification Abstract PDF
Yousef Emami, Marzieh Ahmadzadeh, Mohammad Salehi, Sajad Homayoun 620-623
A Novel Real-Time Road Information Management Technique for Traffic Congestion Mitigation Abstract PDF
Angela-Aida K. Runyoro, Jesuk Ko 624-631
Drivers’ Reading Time Model on Variable Message Signs Using Korean Characters Abstract PDF
Taehyung Kim, Taehyeong Kim, Cheol Oh, Bum-Jin Park, Hyoungsoo Kim 632-640
Escalation Management as the Necessary Form of Incident Management Process Abstract PDF
Malega Peter 641-646
Determinants of Acceptance and Use of DHIS2: Survey Instrument Validation and Preliminary Findings using PLS-SEM Abstract PDF
Josephine Karuri, Peter Waiganjo, Daniel Orwa 647-660

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