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Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 8 No. 3, March 2017

Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences

Vol. 3, No.2 , February 2012

Table of Contents

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Effect of System Impairments on the Performance of QPSK Label-Based Photonic Router Abstract PDF
R. S. Fyath, Israa B. Al-Mashhadani, Ruslan S. A. Al-Nuaimi 117-124
Students' Perception of Computer Based Test (CBT) for Examining Undergraduate Chemistry Courses Abstract PDF
Jimoh, R. G., AbdulJaleel Kehinde Shittu, Kawu, Yakub Kola 125-134
Proposing an Architecture for Collaborative Product Development in Self Help Groups Abstract PDF
A B Sagar 135-144
Telemedicine Enlightment: A Smart Health Care System for Rural Areas Abstract PDF
Beenish Ishtiaq Hussain Ansari, Asad Ali Shaikh, Rahat Ali Khan, Nayab Suhail Hamirani 145-149
Canonical Genetic Algorithm To Optimize Cut Order Plan Solutions in Apparel Manufacturing Abstract PDF
R P Abeysooriya, T G I Fernando 150-154
On the Statistical Analysis of the Dynamics of Rational Function Having Poles Abstract PDF
Jean Bosco Mugiraneza, Amritasu Sinha 155-172
Bespoke, Mdre And Challenges In Mdre In Comparison With Bespoke Abstract PDF
Ranjith Engu, Sairam Vakkalanka, Loka. Ashwin Kumar 173-178
An Assessment of the Relationship between Information Literacy Competencies and Academic Productivity amongst Staff in Nigerian Universities in North Central Geographical Zone Abstract PDF
Evarest C. Madu, V.W. Dike 179-185
A Proposal Setting Solution for Subscriber Profile of Mobile Internet Applications in Home Location Register (HLR) Abstract PDF
Salih M. S. Atroshey, Myasar R. Tabany 186-193
Enhancing Network Architecture in Minority Institutions’ Library Abstract PDF
S. Dhanavandan, M. Tamizhchelvan 194-198
Online Reviews and Pre-Purchase Cognitive Dissonance: A Theoretical Framework and Research Propositions Abstract PDF
Shih Yung Chou 199-204
A Rule-Based Expert System for Mineral Identification Abstract PDF
Folorunso, I. O. , Abikoye, O. C., Jimoh, R. G. , Raji, K.S 205-210
Harvesting Information from the Internet to Construct Ontologies Abstract PDF
Steve Smith, Thomas W. Jackson 211-224
Road Accident Models with Two Threshold Levels of Fuzzy Linear Regression Abstract PDF
Lazim Abdullah, Nurnadiah Zamri 225-230
A Distributed Shared Memory Cluster Architecture With Dynamic Load Balancing Abstract PDF
Minakshi Tripathy, C.R. Tripathy 231-240
AODV Extension using Ant Colony Optimization for Scalable Routing in VANETs Abstract PDF
R.K.Chauhan , Arzoo Dahiya 241-244
Cervix Cancer Diagnosis from Pap Smear Images Using Structure Based Segmentation and Shape Analysis Abstract PDF
Lipi B. Mahanta, Dilip Ch. Nath, Chandan Kr. Nath 245-249
A Stochastic Approach to the Problem of the Königsberg Bridges Abstract PDF
M. Y. Ashkar 250-254
Development of a Dynamic Model for Data-Driven DSS Abstract PDF
Fatma Zada, Shawkat K.Guirguis, Ahmed Ahmed Hesham Sedky 255-261
The State of High Performance Computing in the Cloud Abstract PDF
Sanjay P. Ahuja, Sindhu Mani 262-266
Energy 10 Performance on Building Energy Efficiency in Jordan Abstract PDF
Mahmoud S. Awad, Anwar Al-Mofleh 267-271
Role of Cognitive Radio on 4G Communications: A Review Abstract PDF
Maninder Jeet Kaur, Moin Uddin, Harsh K Verma 272-276
Success and Failure of e-Learning Projects: Alignment of Vision and Reality, Change and Culture Abstract PDF
Hussein Al-Yaseen, Mou’ath Hourani, Saheer Al-Jaghoub 277-284
Handling Security Issues for Smart Grid Applications using Cloud Computing Framework Abstract PDF
Sadia Fayyaz, Muhammad Mohsin Nazir 285-287
Visualization of Graph-Based Structures for Navigation and Tracking of Real-World Objects Abstract PDF
Vitaly Zabiniako, Oleg Gorbik 288-294
Enhancement of XP for Cloud Application Development Abstract PDF
Sara Tariq, Muhammad Mohsin Nazir, Farhat Saleemi 295-301

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