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Optimal Operating Performances of Wireless Protocols for Intelligent Sensors Applications

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Author Chakkor Saad, El Ahmadi Cheikh, Baghouri Mostafa, Hajraoui Abderrahmane
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 265-275
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 4
Issue Date May 1, 2014
Publishing Date May 1, 2014
Keywords Wireless communications, Performances, Energy, Protocols, Intelligent sensors, Applications.


The systems based on intelligent sensors are currently expanding, due to theirs functions and theirs performances of intelligence: transmitting and receiving data in real-time, computation and processing algorithms, metrology remote, diagnostics, automation and storage measurements…The radio frequency wireless communication with its multitude offers a better solution for data traffic in this kind of systems. The mains objectives of this paper is to present a solution of the problem related to the selection criteria of a better wireless communication technology face up to the constraints imposed by the intended application and the evaluation of its key features. The comparison between the different wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, UWB, Bluetooth, ZigBee, ZigBeeIP, GSM/GPRS) focuses on their performance which depends on the areas of utilization. Furthermore, it shows the limits of their characteristics. Study findings can be used by the developers/ engineers to deduce the optimal mode to integrate and to operate a system that guarantees quality of communication, minimizing energy consumption, reducing the implementation cost and avoiding time constraints.

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