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Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 8 No. 3, March 2017

Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences

The Economic Impact of Computer virus - A case of Ghana

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Author Henry Osborn Quarshie, Godfred Yaw Koi-Akrofi, Alexander Martin- Odoom
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 1235-1239
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 8
Issue Date August 01, 2012
Publishing Date August 01, 2012
Keywords Computer virus, worms, Ghana, Economic Impact


In today's information technology world, Viruses are a huge problem for anyone who uses computers. Computer viruses and worms, a program that can spread across computers and networks has gone from being a nuisance to being the cause of the loss of millions of dollars worth of data, and loss of productivity. The writers of these programmes are becoming more adept at it day by day. Corporate viruses are a major problem which costs businesses billions of dollars every year. The aim of this paper is to interrogate the economic impact of computer viruses and worms attack on institutions and industries, particularly in Ghana. In achieving this, the study examined the effects of the computer viruses and worms on the financial standing of organizations by assessing the cost in terms of lost productivity through the inability to use the infected computers, the restoring of adversely affected files and the re-installing of the networks involved. The study confirmed the negative financial impact of such malicious programs on institutions. Cleaning up after a virus attack cost some Ghanaian firms $122,280, over a period of twenty one productive days.  


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