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Factors Affecting Information Systems user Satisfaction in Kenyan Universities

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Author Perez Nelima, Samuel Mungai Mbugua, Juma Kilwake
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 116-127
Volume No. 7
Issue No. 2
Issue Date March 1, 2016
Publishing Date March 1, 2016
Keywords Information system, user satisfaction, information system satisfaction


The role of information systems in providing business a competitive edge has recently been the subject of much debate. However, it has been argued that not the information system solution but their utilization is what provides the competitive advantages. For these information systems to be well utilized and provide the competitive edge for an institution, its users need to be satisfied with systems as satisfaction determines continued use of the system. Satisfaction is the extent to which users believe the information system available to them meets their information requirements. The study sought to understand the relationship between the value users attribute to information systems and the satisfaction users experience with these systems. This study analyzed information systems in two Kenyan universities to find out factors that influence information system user satisfaction. The sample was selected using both purposive sampling and simple random sampling techniques. The main instruments for data collection that were used are content analysis and questionnaires. Data was analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. This study evaluated satisfaction on software quality attributes basing on the ISO/IEC 9126 software quality model. The findings show that there are a number of factors affecting satisfaction of information systems ranging from institutional factors, individual factors, system factors and infrastructural factors. Information system satisfaction differed significantly across demographic factors like age, gender, mode of study and level of study for students. There was no significant difference in satisfaction between the two universities.

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