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A New Optimization Approach for Maximizing the Photovoltaic Panel Power Based on Genetic Algorithm and Lagrange Multiplier Algorithm

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Author Mahdi M. El-Arini, Ahmed M. Othman, Ahmed Fathy
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 79-90
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 1
Issue Date February 01, 2013
Publishing Date February 01, 2013
Keywords Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), Objective Function, Optimization Approach, Photovoltaic system and Solar Energy.


In the recent years, the solar energy has become one of the most important alternative sources of electric energy, so it is important to operate Photovoltaic (PV) panel at the optimal point to obtain the possible maximum efficiency. This paper presents a new optimization approach in order to maximize the output electrical power of the PV module. The proposed optimization technique is based on an objective function which represents the output power of PV module and some constraints which are either equality or inequality constraints. First the dummy variables that affect the output power are classified into two categories which are independent and dependant variables. The new approach is multi-stage technique, in the first stage Genetic Algorithm is used to obtain the best initial population at optimal solution and then this initial is fed to the second stage which is Lagrange Multiplier algorithm to find the final optimal solution. The proposed technique is applied on Helwan city at latitude 29.87 °, Egypt. The results showed that the proposed constrained optimization method to maximize the output power of PV module is applicable.

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