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Creating a Friendly Environment for Easy Access and Use of the Library for the Disabled: Roles of Information Professionals

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Author Ejike Udensi Igwebuike, Amaoge Dorathy Agbo
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 1-6
Volume No. 6
Issue No. 1
Issue Date February 1, 2015
Publishing Date February 1, 2015
Keywords Disability, information professionals, information access


The need to access libraries is not one that we need to contend. Libraries provide us with a vast resources of knowledge whereby a person can access books, journals, periodicals, newspapers, patents, standards, conference proceedings, reports, CD-ROMs, etc. Today with the advent of digital libraries, collections are stored in digital formats and accessible by computers, also. People who are physically challenged should also have access to both that is physical libraries as well as digital libraries. Libraries are also a point of access whereby resources can be pooled and used by a large cross-section of the society. Therefore, making libraries accessible is important for the growth and development of the society. This paper focuses on the concept of physically challenged; categories; their information need; role of information professionals in providing access; need for assistive technologies; challenges and strategies for improving library use. This paper recommends that libraries should be adequately funded to provide better facilities and services for the physically challenged. Library authorities should have a written statement policy on library services for people with disabilities so that the policy may serve as guide during the planning of library services for them.

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