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Digital Forensic and Systems Investigation Analysis

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Author Sanja Mutong’wa Michael, Thomas Gisemba Onsarigo, Nyauncho Josiah
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 76-88
Volume No. 6
Issue No. 1
Issue Date February 1, 2015
Publishing Date February 1, 2015
Keywords Cyber Attacks, Digital Forensics (DF), Cyber-crimes and Potential Economic Impact


Computer forensics is used to bring to justice, those responsible for conducting attacks on computer systems throughout the world. Different users apply computer forensic systems, models, and terminology in very different ways. They often make incompatible assumptions and reach different conclusions about the validity and accuracy of the methods they use to log, audit, and present forensic data. The objectives of the study identifies various types of insecurities on systems; cyber-crimes and their impacts over organization, it examines possible causes and hence establishes the need for forensics evidence. The major forms of insecurity on systems worldwide is Cyber-attacks, cybercrimes, cracking, snooping, operation denial and data theft hacking .In this Judges plays a gatekeeper role in determining what scientific evidence and how it is admissible in their courtrooms .Our research presents several forensic systems and discusses situations in which we produce valid and accurate conclusions and also situations in which accuracy is suspect. Finally, the we presents some recommendations about how computer scientists, forensic practitioners, lawyers ,teachers , judges and engineers could build implement forensics that take into account appropriate legal details and lead to scientifically valid forensic analysis.

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