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Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 8 No. 3, March 2017

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Requirements Definitions of Robotics Automation and Safety Systems Using the Behavioral Patterns ANALYSIS (PBA) Approach: The Production Cell System and the Railroad Crossing

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Author Assem El-Ansary, David Rine
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 21-66
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 1
Issue Date January 01, 2012
Publishing Date January 01, 2012
Keywords modeling, software development, use cases, event-oriented modeling, behavioral pattern


Experience is showing some modeling quality problems with the Use Case Modeling Approach. There is a need for another higher quality modeling approach with a sound theoretical basis and a precise definition. This research has developed an alternative, a new event-oriented approach (BPA), and the case studies carried out support the hypothesis that BPA is a more effective alternative to the Use Case Approach (UCA) in modeling and understanding system functional requirements. In BPA, events are considered the primary objects of the world model. The Event defined in BPA is a real-life conceptual entity that is unrelated to any implementation. The BPA Behavioral Patterns are temporally ordered according to the sequence of the real world events.
The major contributions of this research are:
- The Behavioral Pattern Analysis (BPA) modeling approach.
- Validation of the research hypothesis that the Behavioral Pattern Analysis (BPA) approach is a more effective alternative to Use Case Analysis (UCA) in modeling the functional requirements of Human-Machine Safety-Critical Real-time Systems.
The development of an interactive software tool (DECISION), which is based on a combination of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the ELECTRE Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) methods. The DECISION software tool was used to process the assessment results of the case studies.  


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