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Counter-based Traffic Management Scheme for Vehicular Networks

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Author Tarun Prakash, Ritu Tiwari
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 251-256
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 6
Issue Date June 01, 2011
Publishing Date June 01, 2011
Keywords Vehicular networks, Road congestion, Vehicular traffic, Vehicles-to-vehicles communication (V2V), Counter approach, Road Side Unit (RSU).


Vehicles traffic congestion on the road is reflected as delays while traveling. This congestion has a number of negative effects such as energy consumption, wastage of time and increased tailpipes emission of idling vehicles probably bad for our health. Vehicular congestion has become the serious problem and it is getting worse day by day as the growth of the vehicles significantly increased. In this paper, we proposed a novel counter approach to avoid such vehicular congestion on the road. We have also proposed a path selection algorithm that ensures best path suggestion to vehicles in terms of reduction in trip time and less fuel consumption during whole trip. The whole traffic management solution is combination of "stochastic turn" (i.e. vehicles choose a new direction at each intersection or any other way point) and path planning (i.e. origin and destination of the vehicle required in advance) that ensured by suggested path selection algorithm. In the later part of this paper simulation results prove the effectiveness of our traffic management scheme in terms of reducing traffic congestion on the road. In addition, this scheme utilizes best of the resources and characteristics of vehicular networks to provide less congested path prediction and also smoothed flow of traffic for vehicles in high density vehicular traffic conditions.  


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