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Survey on ICT for HIV/AIDS Preventive Education: Are the teenagers forgotten in developing countries?

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Author Bada Joseph Kizito, Jarkko Suhonen
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 263-275
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 6
Issue Date June 01, 2011
Publishing Date June 01, 2011
Keywords HIV/AIDS preventive education, technology supported learning environments, e-learning


HIV/AIDS epidemic is still a major societal problem in developing countries, especially in Africa. ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) is seen as one of the most important solutions in order to provide HIV/AIDS preventive education for all members of the society. In this study, we performed a literature review in order to identify the uses of ICT for HIV/AIDS preventive education in developing countries with a specific focus on teenagers. We also searched information about the existing methodologies for the design and development of technology supported HIV/AIDS preventive education. We reviewed altogether 20 articles reporting uses of ICT for HIV/AIDS preventive education. We made four observations in our analysis: (1) mobile technologies have been widely used for HIV/AIDS preventive education to address both adults and teenagers; (2) static websites (e.g. web1.0) and CD-ROMS are still the prevailing solution for HIV/AIDS preventive education both in adult population and in schools; (3) one advanced computing technology solution – an expert system for HIV/AIDS preventive education- was identified; (4) one set of guidelines was identified for designing technology enhanced support for HIV/AIDS preventive education. We noticed in our survey that contemporary ICT technologies, such as web2.0 tools and computer games, have not been extensively applied in HIV/AIDS preventive education in the context of developing countries. We conclude that there is a need to carry out more extensive research and development work in order to harness the potential of contemporary ICT solutions for targeting teenagers in developing countries.  


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