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A Design Methodology for Miniaturized Fractal Slot RFID Antennas Using Particle Swarm Optimization

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Author D. K. Naji, J. S. Aziz, R. S. Fyath
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 477-489
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 5
Issue Date June 01, 2013
Publishing Date June 01, 2013
Keywords Minkowski fractal, microstrip slot antenna, particle swarm optimization, sequential and direct optimization.


An optimization-based methodology for the design of miniaturized microstrip-fed fractal slot RFID antenna is introduced. This methodology gives an automated process for generation of antenna geometrical parameters and mainly associated with Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). Two software programs are used in parallel, and in a coupled synchronized fashion. The first one is the electromagnetic simulator CST Microwave Studio which gives instantaneous estimation of the antenna performance. The second is MATLAB which is used to run the PSO algorithm in order to optimize the geometry of the antenna after considering two objective functions: return loss and antenna size. The design methodology is applied to a third-order Minkowski fractal antenna which is optimized using two different approaches, the direct one which is based on the conventional (non-fractal) antenna, and the sequential one which is based on the optimized previous-order fractal antennas. The simulated results show excellent performance requirements with less than -40 dB of return loss, stable gain and radiation pattern, and more than 90% reduction in overall size in comparison with the conventional reference antenna.

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