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Marketing Infrastructure for Kola-Nut in Ika Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria

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Author E.N. Ajani and E.A, Onwubuya
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 694-698
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 5
Issue Date May 01, 2012
Publishing Date May 01, 2012
Keywords Markets, facilities, kola-nut, Delta State, Nigeria


The study was designed to identify the marketing infrastructure for kola-nut in Ika Local Government Area of Delta State. A structured interview schedule and questionnaire were used in obtaining information from sixty respondents. Simple random sampling technique was used in selecting the respondents. Three towns were selected for the study, namely: Above, Umunede and Igbo do. Data were analyzed using percentage and mean score. The study revealed that stores were the major marketing infrastructure in the area. The respondents also indicated that road network and security facilities were available in the market. The major obstacles for effective marketing of kola nut were inadequate capital, poor storage facilities, high cost of transportation, language barrier, inadequate supply of kola nut, poor market experience and other losses emanating from sprouting and theft. It was concluded that improved storage facilities, access to credit/capital high demand of kola nut, cooperative transportation as well as adequate marketing strategies will help to alleviate the problems faced by kola-nut marketers in the area. This will also increase the revenue of the kola-nut marketers and subsequently minimize loss of income by the marketers. Efforts should be intensified by governmental and non-governmental extension agencies to ensure that adequate marketing infrastructure are put in place in order to boost the income of the respondents.  


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