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A Method for Detecting and Meas uring Surfaces of Road Facilitie s Using Laser Line Scan

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Author Seung-Ki Ryu, Gunhyoung Park
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 850-854
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 11
Issue Date December 1, 2014
Publishing Date December 1, 2014
Keywords Laser line scan, Road surface condition, Road facility, 3D profile


Nowadays, non-contact detection techniques that investigate and analyze discontinuity of road facilities have been studied, and the techniques and products have been released to determine the state of the structure for road facilities. Generally, the survey for road facilities is conducted manually. However, this kind of survey cannot represent the overall condition of facilities because specific regions among all regions are selected as samples for survey. Thus, estimating defect of structure is a much more difficult way. The exhaustive search is performed in special cases but it takes a lot of time and cost in this way. Also, the problem may occur in the reliability of the data because of the consistency of the measurement results. In this paper, we proposed a three-dimensional scanning system by using triangulation measurement with laser line beam and video camera. This is a method and system for obtaining three-dimensional data on the sample material of road facilities in door. The test object used in this paper is the materials used for road facilities in general, and the three-dimensional data was acquired by using a measurement system. The three-dimension data was obtained by selecting two kinds of the test object. The reliability of the measuring method and the system was confirmed through comparing the value of three-dimensional profiling data and the actual value of the object.

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