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Review of Technical and Patent Trends of Display for Providing Variable Message on Roads

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Author Hak-Ryong Moon, Won-Pyoung Kang
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 855-860
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 11
Issue Date December 1, 2014
Publishing Date December 1, 2014
Keywords Variable Road Sign, Light-emitting Diode, Prismatic, Transparent Display, Flexible Display


The road signs are installed on roads for conveying various types of information and it sometimes cause confusion to drivers. In addition, it is prudent to improve the appearance of cities by removing signage all around city streets, posts of structures so forth. In order to prevent the foregoing issues, there have been schemes to provide various types of information by using the display such as, light-emitting diode (LED) on the road signs. Currently, the variable road signs use LED in most cases in Korea but prismatic has been widely used in European countries. Under this study, transparent display and flexible display were selected as the next generation variable road sign and surveyed on technical trend and patent trend. In addition, this study has four displays in Light-emitting Diode, Prismatic, Transparent Display and Flexible Display to carry out the analysis on outdoor Visibility, Cost, and Providing Information Quantity. As a result of analysis, Transparent Display and Flexible Display may provide high quality information to drivers through high resolution, but it still has limitations to apply it to the field due to outdoor visibility and cost.

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