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An Ontological Framework for Controlling Service Responses in Hybrid Cloud

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Author Amr Tolba
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 871-876
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 11
Issue Date December 1, 2014
Publishing Date December 1, 2014
Keywords Hybrid cloud, cloud computing, Service integration, cloud ontology, cloud brokerage


The hybrid cloud computing has recently gained a high prominent place in the different areas of focus of research, in spite of the existence of a lot of questionable points related to integrations, communications of services among private and public clouds. It is worth mentioning that the heterogeneity of terms used by vendors, number of standards and the structure of the different cloud environments are considered an integrated part of the said questionable technical points. However, this paper positively dealt with such questionable points via using an Ontology-based framework as a middleware solution to control service responses in hybrid cloud. In the framework a number of layers were exploited: layer one for cloud service providers, layer two for public clouds, layer three for brokerage services core which represents a middleware layer, layer four for ontology cloud services, and layer five for enterprise private cloud users. The intended contribution of this paper is to use reasoning mechanism based on ontology concepts to interpret the user’s need of services and control responses by using AI reasoning techniques in the brokerage services core and cloud ontology layer. Moreover, this middleware layer controls the connection and migration of services between private and public clouds.

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