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Imparting Tutorials using online E-Commerce Application and Virtualization concept of Standalone PC Environment

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Author N.Rakesh, S.K.Srivatsa
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 427-439
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 9
Issue Date September 01, 2011
Publishing Date September 01, 2011
Keywords HTTP, NAT, RMI, SSL, VoIP


We have acquired knowledge about virtualization through various sources and tutorial materials, which overcomes network resources investment for communication purpose. Accordingly using this virtualization communication perception, people in corporate world have developed Desktop Virtualization sharing and learning respectively online from their desktop system. Our research area also concentrates on such virtual communication in general. Having this has background, in this paper we have tried to share and implement the idea about teaching methodology going online, learning from their standalone computers in academic environment which is a new thought. This concept which is a synchronization application, that will change the standards of education in academics, here we have used Java programming language and networking protocols like RMI (Remote Method Invocation)concept while designing various modules for implementing the same. It is achieved by providing effective environment between the Students and the Professor, which is used to challenge the standards of quality education and get rid of drawbacks of customary learning. Such standalone system environment helps in providing various application services. This virtualized tutorial teaching aid concept provides features such has like establishment of virtual standalone environment (here the objects are transmitted from Professor to Students), The File & Clipboard Transfer (helps data transfer between Students and Professor), VoIP, which integrates both voice and data in single communication channel facilitates (Half duplex voice dialog between the Professor and Students).  


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